Hey guys... Just started writing my next song and heres what I got so far. Any ideas for the rest? Or feedback on what I have so far? I'd really appreciate constructive criticism from anyone, I don't really have anyone one around that wants to listen.

(the song is titled Nostalgia)

Thanks to anyone that listens! C4C
hmm the mixing is a little cluttered i think, might be my speakers but the bass is really powerful in this, i like the song soo far but that strong bass makes it hard for me to focus in on it but once again my speakers are kind of geared towards the bass. The little intro riff is cool, but... i think it should go someplace more before you go to the first, like the first two measures and the second two measures sound the same, try changing that that could make the intro a bit more interesting.

And even though this wasnt the song you wanted us to crit, i like New Girl alot, great riff, pretty good tone, very nice relaxed feel.

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