hey all am about to go out so this is a rather rushed post, am looking at a peavey zodiac bxp 4 string as a second bass (currently have a squier p bass) is this is a good upgrade as my band are starting to gig more regularly and i think i need a better bass than just a squier.

thoughts? whats it like? other suggestions?

^ I dunno man...have you played one of those? The Zodiac is awesome, especially the DE model.
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I've been GASing for one for some time now. Seriously, the black one with the tortoise pick guard is so hot... And the P/J conf. is one of my favourites, and my first choice for soul and funk. I've just heard great things about it, but I can't try it out as noone carries Peaveys around here...
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It's a sexy bass and probably reliable all peavey's are in my experience. i think it tops ur squier
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do it a fairly sweet upgrade.
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