Dear Members,
Does anyone remember a song from the seventies, that goes:
"In that suitcase... its a rat race"
in the chorus? If so, who was it by, what was it called, and is it tabbed?
I thought it might be by Badfinger, or Bad company or Free - but can't find it- its by one of those sort of ensembles of that era, but thats all I remember about it.
Hope you can help.
Thanks for reading.
No, I do not.
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Dear Corvette Rick, 'Cold Sweat' is an instrumental.

Dear saul-huds0n, the question was 'Do you know of a song with the lyric 'Suitcase...etc' in it, and not:'Do you not know of a song with 'Suitcase...etc' in it, ja?

anyone out there who can help? (not 'can't help', gracias).

Dear CorvetteRick, also theeone2,
Sorry, I went and looked at the tabbed version of 'Cold Sweat' and it didn't seem to have any lyrics to it - so thought it must've been an instrumental. Thank you for your help, mind I don't think 'Cold Sweat' by Thin Lizzy is the one I was thinking of - I only once heard the song in question on the Alan Freeman Saturday Radio One (UK) show back in the Seventies, and thought the song - the lyrics and the melody were so apt, so cool, I wanted to find it - but there are quite a few songs I have admired that'll have to remain consigned to archeology, I suppose.