People do you have suggestions regarding brand and model of steel string acoustic guitars which are mostly suitable for finger style...........
Well for mainly fingerstyle you most likely will want a 000, OM, or 00 style guitar, though you may perfer another size those are generally what are thought of when you think "fingerpicking."

What is your price range? Give us the amount you would like to spend, and then how much money you are willing to go above that limit if you find something that you really love. It is hard to suggest a guitar if we don't know if you can afford it or not.
Get a Stonebridge

but what does 000, OM, or 00 style mean? are they still good for strummers?
Yes they are, but they just give a different balance in tone. The normal dreadnought acoustic guitar has more bass than treble, which makes it sound really full for chords. The 000, OM, and 00 styles (originally based off of the Martin model number system, but have sort of become universal) are examples of "parlor" guitars which have a more balanced treble and bass so that each note speaks clearer, instead of all blending together like a dreadnought. You can still strum on them of course, especially a 000 (the largest of the parlor models on the Martin system) which is the type of guitar I have because it gives a balance for my fingerpicking, but also has enough bass that it doesn't sound too chimy when strummed.