Hey guys got a few questions on vintage gear.
I was wondering if anyone knows of any guitar manufacturers from the 70s/60s that make hollowbody guitars, not like your fender/gibson the cheap japanese ones.
I know of hondo, teisco and kay but do you know any others that do good hollowbody electric guitars.

Secondly i found a Columbus FLG-5 really cheap the other day in my local guitar shop but coz everyone in their was busy i didnt get to try it out, and i can't go back down there so i was wondering anyone know much about this pedal or columbus pedals in general

Cheers for any info guys

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I'm asking for a general opinion here, ive done a lot of research its not somethign you just decide, japanese guitar from the 70s arent easy to find stuff out about because there were a lot of brands that were linked to each other, and if you'd done your own reasearch you'd know that.

So any none dicks wanna offer an advice please do
I don't know about Columbus pedals but I have a 1970's Columbus LP COPY (pre-lawsuit) & it's a fantastic guitar realy well built. All my friends who have played it comment on how nice a guitar it feels to play & how nice it sounds, so the pedals could be just as good.