First of all, this is neither a Van Halen thread, a Chickenfoot thread, nor a Sammy Hagar thread.

Micheal Anthony is always laying fantastic backing vocals in his bands, does he have any projects or singles in which he sings lead?
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According to wikipedia, he's the lead singer of The Mad Anthony Xpress.
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michael anthony is the ****! just because he doesn't play the most intense crazy bass lines doesn't mean he sucks, i mean someone has got to hold the band together while eddie is doing his craziness. plus who else has a jack daniels bass?!
Michael Anthony is highy underated as a bass player and as a vocalist. He sang MANY of the high parts with VH, when DLR was in the band. He is a "real" bass player in that he holds down the fort. Locks in with the drums so the guitar can do its thing. I think it is better to play a few choice notes (on any instrument), than to play 100,000 for just the sake of it. More bass players could learn a lot from a player like MA.
I agree with lefty

MA is way underated as a bass player and doesn't get the props he deserves. Plus the way VH have treated him with regards to the reunion tour, removing his image from their site etc etc is disgraceful.
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