is there a metal guitar with a neck thru body design, oiled neck and a decent double locking tremelo?

for thrash metal and shred guitar.
Of course it exists.
Try Jackson/ESP.
Ibanez have a lot of bolt-ons, but maybe some too.
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To be honest, it'd be hard for that NOT to exist!
You're lucky you don't seem too picky, I'm pretty sure Ibanez has a few like that, not sure about the oiled neck though.
The only thing you may struggle with is the oiled neck, not many production models (one's made mostly in factory like) have oiled neck.
my freind has an sg with a oiled neck and i really like the feel but i dont like sgs. especially the bridge.
Yeah, well shop around, I'm not 100% sure on which Jackson's are neck through, but your best options would be ESP/LTD, Jackson and Ibanez, or depending on your price range, Carvin, I KNOW you can get oiled necks with them.