My 1st posting here! I've been without an electric guitar for many years until recently. I used to play in various bands in the 80's, and had MANY guitars I wish I still had (early 70's LP, strats, teles). I was in a guitar shop recently and decided I needed to get back into it.

After trying various MIM strats, and some Americans (too much $$ right now), I've just picked up a Squier 50's Classic Vibe Strat, and was wondering if anyone else has one, and what upgrades or mods they've done or recommend? I did the wiring mod to make the 2nd tone knob control the bridge pickup, and set the action and whammy properly, but that's it.

It's not that I dislike the guitar the way it is, I'm actually VERY impressed with it for what I paid, but just wondering about pickup upgrades, whether it's worth upgrading the bridge to an American model etc.

I'm just playing at home through a Behringer GM110 modeling amp...not planning on giging or anything (yet).

Thanks in advance
Well for home play I think they're fine as they are right out the box. I actually know two people who use both the Classic Vibe Strat models for gigs (one uses a 50's CV Strat and a Duo-Sonic, the other uses the 60's CV Strat), and they've not modified the guitars in any way at all. I'm really wishing I'd bought one myself now.

I'm also pretty against modifying a guitar just for the sake of it. If nothing seems wrong with a guitar, don't change it.
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I'm also pretty against modifying a guitar just for the sake of it. If nothing seems wrong with a guitar, don't change it.

Thanks for the reply. I really don't want to modify the guitar, as I really like it the way it is, but I've been out of the loop as far as what's happened with Strats since the first Japanese Sqwuiers came out in the early 80's (REALLY wished I'd kept that one!!!) and I thought maybe there were some easy mods that would improve the electronics etc.

The tone mod I did is great. It's nice having control on the bridge pup.
i'm guessing upgrading the electronics wouldn't be a bad idea. on most cheaper guitars it's worth doing... note i never get round to it myself...

those classic vibes are meant to be really nice btw, i need to try some. that sucks that you got rid of your 80s one...
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I just bought the CV 50's strat and plan on playing it for a few weeks before I decide if I want to upgrade. Unfortunately, mine had a problem with the switch and the middle position pup didn't work - I noticed this in the store but bought it anyway because the salesman knocked some $ off the price and figured it was just a loose/cold solder connection. Well, it wasn't - but its back getting fixed at the store's cost. I did have the opportunity to play it for a couple of days in between and even used it during my band's last practice using mostly the neck pickup. It sounded pretty sweet even given the limitations I had to play under - didn't cut through the mix like my partscaster strat but that one has DiMarzio Area 58/58/61 pups and they totally transformed a lifeless/lackluster korean strat into a tonal machine - can even compete with my VOS Les Paul Standard. The reason I mention this is because that is one of the modifications I can see myself doing to the CV (DiMarzio Area pups) along with maybe replacing the trem block with one of the bigger ones they sell at GuitarFetish (for imports). At living room level the DiMarzios dont sound remarkable but once you open the amp up and play with drums/bass, etc. they make a huge difference - plus no 60 cycle hum. I think the CV has a fantastic looking/feeling neck and looks great overall but I would be really surprised if mods were not in order for it to be playable at a gig. Remember, I'm not comparing it to my VOS Les Paul - that thing practically plays itself, but rather, the partscaster (modified Tradition strat). Hope this helps.
The pups may not need to be changed out,but some high quality pots and switches and some better wiring is always a good idea since the "guts" are usually the first things to go on cheaper guitars.If you do decide to change the pups you could look into brands like Duncan,DiMarzio,EMG single coils,and of course Fenders pups.