Is the mentioned pedal worth getting for playing metal, along side a Keeley MT-2 and/or Keeley DS-1? Or is it more for blues?
I love my Keeley for metal.. I mainly use it for tightening up things a bit and adding in a bit more fullness to the mix. And its a great pedal to switch things up a bit when you feel like popping out a few blues licks.
Also how is the Keeley SD-1? I was thinking of getting the MT-2 and TS-9 now and the DS-1 and SD-1 later. Are they all ready good? Because for some reason the B-52 ST-6012 I have doesn't have that much gain or distortion. I mean its reasonable for Rock n Roll and some Hard Rock, but not enough for Metal or Harder Rock.
bump, id like to know more about the DS-1, SD-1, TS-9, and MT-2 Keeley mods, from people's experience with them.