Looks like a custom with a kramer neck to me
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Someone told me it is a copy of the Gibson Log that was "Kramerized" for dealers when Gibson bought Kramer but I don't believe that.

I just bought a Mosrite from Ed Roman so I sent him a pic because he knows a lot about Kramers. No reply yet.
That Is ****ing Awesome!!

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If it plays and sounds good get it!

$110! thats like £55!

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It looks like a plank of driftwood with a neck, a pickup a bridge and some strings stuck on there.

Tbh kinda looks like a cricket bat.
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I already bought it. The case is giant and the guitar is thin but very long. Look at how much other room is from the bridge to the end
Quote by Suduko Killer
Someone told me it is a copy of the Gibson Log that was "Kramerized" for dealers when Gibson bought Kramer but I don't believe that.

I just bought a Mosrite from Ed Roman so I sent him a pic because he knows a lot about Kramers. No reply yet.
If any one could tell you, Ed could.....according to Ed anyway,lol. BTW, what do you think of the Mosrite, comparable to the old?
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I could not afford an old Mosrite - but I have played a lot of junky old ones and a few really nice old ones.

The one I have is exactly like what I imagine the nice old ones I have played must have felt like when they were brand new.

I love it.
It's definately the grim reaper with the blade dettached.

Kinda odd that a guy who was perma-banned from here a few months ago happened to have "pawn shop" found one of these?
Also had a Rory Gallagher strat he bought for cheap.
I'm hoping it's just a coincidence
Ed Roman knows nothing about Kramers or any guitars. All he knows is how to rip people off. He won't reply don't hold your breath.
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Actually, I just heard back from Ed and he confirmed it is a Grim Reaper.

DSOT, I don't know if we're talking about the same guy. I have purchased a few guitars from Ed - a Mosrite that his custom shop built me that I posted in a NGD and a Quicksilver - both are great.

He also bought much of the stock and tooling from Kramer when they closed.

Thanks for the help everyone!
They are all talkin' about the same Ed Roman, the guy who's website looks like the guitar equivalent to a trashy Vegas "$10 a wedding" chapel, guy who claims to make loads of 80s guitars or some stuff, he's very disliked round most guitar forums.
Well, I guess I just judge people based upon personal experience. I have had good luck with him in the past. Most of the bad seems to be from people who have never dealt with him.

Not important to me, I just am glad that it seems I made a good score.

Thanks everyone!
You don't need to deal with him to realise that when he claims to be the founder of KxK guitars (and the many other things he's done in the past) he's a bit of an ass.
There is only 1 Ed Roman. Now I'm not saying his own guitars are crap, but his reputation is. His website does sell a lot of "Kramer" guitars and for big money. I used quotation marks because those Kramers on his site are anything but legit. He bought a lot of parts from Kramer during their firesale when they went tits up and puts together mutts and sells them off as legit Kramers. The crap he's pulled over the years like with PRS and now recently I heard he's gotten into legal trouble with Ernie Ball Music Man I wouldn't trust that guy with a quarter. If you show him the money or you're famous he'll be your best friend, other then that he's been known to treat people like crap.
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Look, if you don't like him that's your business. I have spent about $15,000.00 with him over the past two years and probably $30,000.00 since I met him and have never had a problem.

Again, this thread is about what this Kramer - which I did not get from Ed - is.

I have found out. Thanks everyone.

Maybe a mod could close this thread.
Hah, yeah this is definately SenorSmiley, I was waiting for a BIT more proof to call it, but come on, you can't really get away with multi-accounting (this is the third account right? Senor Smiley, Doc Smiley, now this) and have your signature attitude!
I hae known Ed since 1988. I have a custom made Quicksilver and a custom made Mosrite.

Those two cost about 11k. In the 20 years I have known him I have probably spent 19k - or about 1k a year. Not really that impressive.
Hehe, picking and choosing what's read from the posts at hand, classic Senor.

EDIT: You know, actually your post on his "I spent money to make a kid cry" you said "The TS is my friend on myspace" so you ain't making a good argument for yourself here
Hmm all quiet on the western front....

The evil-doer aka SenorSmiley seems to have escaped once again!
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damn! can you imagine the size of the case for a grim reaper!
unless the blade is easily detachable, that thing would be massive
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