Hey, I've been playing a year now and everyone has said that I'm really good (guitarists have said that) proceeding I've only been playing a year. But When I pick up my guitar I won't put it down unless I need to, so I will literally play for a whole day straight up lol. So you can judge I'm currently learning Recovery by Funeral for a Friend. Would you be able to tell me if I am about the right standard at the mo? And how much do you practise each day for?
I don't practise enough. I'm aiming to do more, though.
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When I first got my guitar under 2.5 years ago I would practise literally 10 hours a day.

Now I practise bout...2-4 a day.
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You lost me there.

Practise= Verb
Practice= Noun

I haven't been practising anywhere near as much as I should recently, to be honest. Usually daily though.
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i tried 30hrs a day, but my fingers fell off.

so now im stuck to 3 hours on each toe everyday.
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Well used to play for hours but usually get an hour in. Its better to play a structured hour than just messin around for 5/6 like i used to!
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I dunno, at the minute, with revision and stuff i just get home and wanna sit there and want to watch tele. But out of revision and stuff i'll do not less than 1 and a 1/2 hours a day .
2 hours Minimum, on average 3-4 hours id say..

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