so my boss ds-1 is starting to piss me off. i'll be playing in my church band or at home, jammen and that stuff, then all the sudden i'll lose all sound, i messed with it a bit, then i turn the connections at the cords and i get sound back. so i'm thinking the sodering at the connections inside the pedal have gone bad. i'm wondering if i should rip it apart and fix this or just get a new one, mebay a better one.
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^if you guys don't want your paper weights ds-1's, I'll take them off your hands

they're pretty decent with the mods kurtlives posted....
Link to said mods?
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thats pretty cool i might do that with mine
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kurtlives' tut thread pretty much makes it as easy as it can be

where it says

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it just means replace the resistor 'R13' with a 2.7k. if you open up the ds-1 and take a look, all the components are already labeled on the pcb, so you just find the resistor labeled 'R13', desolder the one thats there, and solder in the 2.7k
then same goes for R39 ( I just quoted those two for simplicity, instead of quoting the whole thing), all the other resistors mentioned, capacitors, and diodes

its pretty straight forward if you feel comfortable enough