I don't know if it's normal but when i tune guitar (via electronic tuner which
is part of POD X3) on open strings, the notes up the fingerboard are not perfect notes - those below 5th fret are a bit sharp, and those above flat. Do I need to somehow setup bridge, or anything else ? The guitar is Fender American Standard Stratocaster.
If yes, then is there some official instruction how to do this for this guitar ?

Thanks in advance
...And btw, the big HI to everyone, it's my first post, and hoping for more to come

best regards, Tom
is your intonation right? to check that you need to do the 12th fret harmonic and see if that is perfectly in tune aswell.

but the guitars frets are never perfectly intune, otherwise the frets wouldnt be in straight lines.
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If you have jumbo frets, you might be pressing too hard or too soft where tension changes. That can alter the pitch surprisingly dramatically (Tbh, I'm not sure if any fender has jumbo frets, I'm just suggesting!)

Check your intonation though, might be that.
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Does your guitar seem out of tune when you're playing, or is it not noticeable by ear? If it's not noticeable, I would be inclined to just say ignore it.
Your innotation is probably off
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well, i can't say i have good ear, so maybe i wouldn't know if it's "objectively" slightly out of tune, but for me it sounds ok. So, i will ignore it, thanks