So heres something thats annoying, lately it seems every musician i know is content with just playing in cover bands, i can understand if they want a bit of extra cash or are just starting out, but these are talented, experienced people who want to just play covers and put making a covers band their top priority, i feel like i'm going insane here because i think if someone is gonna make a band and all the members have talent, it may as well be an originals band, anyone else have this problem?

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Let them do their own thing, maybe they don't want to make it, maybe they just like paying homage (sp?) to their heroes.

Nope. I like cover bands. there probably just having fun with it.
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Cover bands can play weddings and shizzle and get paid. Sometimes a fair amount.
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I think a mix of covers and originals is good, especially for bands just starting out. Makes it more interesting for the crowd as they might actually know some songs.
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It's cool to do covers but I don't really enjoy a cover band. They may just be afraid to have their music judged.
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I'd personally prefer to go see a local cover band, than a local band that plays original material. The best gigs IMO are ones where you can have a laugh and sing along to cheesy rock covers!
The reason i don't like it is because it seems most of the people who i want to work with want to just do cover songs, and it just seems like they should at least want to make original songs as well rather than putting cover songs at a higher priority, i mean i like playing the odd cover or two, and i do like to see bands do covers sometimes.

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because cover bands, when u hear the songs, you know them. and the gets the crowsd pumped. I was at a gig the other week, when this band played there own songs and no body knew them.. then they played a cover and everyone went mental.

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i have the same problem sometimes here. covers are fun from time to time, but i'd usually prefer playing my own material.
i cant write so cover FTW

maybe when im older and more experienced ill try my hand at writing
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And isn't having fun the whole point of being in a band anyway, no matter what you do?

You have a fair point, i dunno i guess most people i know get more fun from playing covers than making originals and playing them.

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