well im in a talent show ina couple of days and i have no idea what im goin to do i can play the guitar and am way better at acoustic than electric and i cannot sing im terrible at that im just looking for some medium difficulty songs that would be cool and that i could learn in just a few hours i realy need help caus the internet doesnt realy provide much help for things like this
thnx in advance
just a random answer, Message in a Bottle - Police

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yeh but most of the songs on the radio and things are made to have a voice in it im lookin for more of something along the lines of its cool even without words
Sweet child o' mine always wows people if you can play it, I cant, but if you can thats Wowable. hahah. You want to play some acoustic stuff? What about Wish you were here by pink floyd, that sounds lovely on an acoustic. Giver a shot and let me know how it goes!
Try "Is There Anybody Out There? " from Pink Floyd. Incredibly easy but it's a wonderful piece and all instrumental.

Led Zeppelin has some awesome acoustic tunes as well, "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" and "Ramble On" are both fairly easy to learn in a day, if you want to try those.
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sweet thnx yall so much this actualy gives me some good options thnx for everything realy
try killing in the name by rage against the machine, sunshine of your love creem, or even the number of the beast from iron maiden all three fairly easy to learn quickly
hmmm.... Bush-Glycerine , Pink Floyd-Wish you were here,uhh all i can thing of not much on acoustic stuff lol
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