Hello Bass Player community,

I am seeking help to have my electric bass guitar identified because after all of the hours i spent on google I havent been able to find anything.

On the strap it says "Lauren," at the head it says "the shredder"

the carrying bag it came with was a fender.

pictures are here

it's maybe 5-7 years old?

Hey guys, I really appreciate your time

thanks again,

No idea, its probably some small business thats gone bust or something, why do you want it identified.
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It looks custom. Case & strap don't mean anything. You may have a one of a kind there
I did a bit of digging and asking at my local consignment shop. Is that bass a short scale by chance? If so, you may have a Johnson Shredder. The only source on the web appears to be DC Music in Ohio. You may want to contact them via email or phone for more info:

My local music shop has a cheap brand of acoustic and electric g***ars named Lauren in it. If you live in the US, it's most likely a cheap off-brand bass that isn't worth too much.
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Probably not that great of a bass, but the headstock made me lol.
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I played one just like that in a pawn shop when I was first looking for a bass. The headstock is funny.
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