Ok, i doubt anyone will be able to help me here, but I'll give it a go.

I was talking to my uncle about bands and stuff, and he was telling me about this band who are sort of like the Cure, and sort of like Sonic Youth, in that their dark and their noisy. The trouble is, he told me about a month ago, and I have forgotten their name. I'm fairly sure they were from the late 70's, and the singer was called Robert something. The other thing I remember is that he said they recorded stuff straight onto tape recorders. I don't know if that narrows it down. I thought the name might have been the kills, but that came up as some band from 2000.

I do know the name, but I'm having one of those things where you cant remember, and it's driving me mad. I'll be dead grateful if anyone miraculously can work it out.
well there's Robert Smith of the Cure. check out Blank Dogs; far from the 70's but they've been described to be of a mix of the two bands, i don't really see much of the sonic youth part though. and the sound is lo-fi and baaad; what more can you ask for.
I know its not what your looking for but try A place to bury strangers and the tambourines.

Good stuff
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