I have noticed at the age of around 14 there is a serious lack of real 'musicians' in my area.

The drummers on I know can only play the most simple rock beat, and the guitarists can't even play power chords fluently...lol...

I'm in to the instrumental style rock, think TSO, Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen, that kind of thing. (I reaaaaallllly love TSO)

However, I feel like I might be able to find musicians somewhere, but does anybody have any suggestions as to where I could maybe find some people to jam with that maybe aren't in my school?

My teacher is big into jazz, so I love improvising. (I can change keys fluently, make/play swept picked arpeggios, etc.) So I really just want to find people that are into the music...

Ideas? Suggestions?
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Find a group or club of some sort.

BTW, TSO are AWESOME live.
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Umm leave the Pit and go to a "Bands and Artists" forum with this?
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band leading forum! you might find some dudes there

or go to local gigs.. switch phone numbers with a few people(better if there not in a band or whatevs).. you'll find some awesome guitarists at local gigs.
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Theres your problem, age 14 - most ''musicians'' are just starting to learn at that age, i know at 14 i had only knew the basics
Ask if you can put up a flier in your local music store, talk to your friends and see if there is anyone in school who plays.
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