Ok so whenever i tap on the guitar it does not make a very loud sound at all and you can hardly hear it. For example when i play One and in the first "solo" i cant get the tapping to sound loud enough so it fits in with the rest of the song.

I was just wondering what i could be doing wrong and how to fix it.

Also two more questions: how do i make my AC/DC and Metallica covers sound more like the real band versions. I tried setting my amp to different settings that the band uses but it still just doesnt come out right...

I thought this thread title said "Fapping" at first.

When I tap, I use my middle finger on my right hand so I can hold the pick with my index finger and thumb. You have to kinda pluck down with the right hand finger you're tapping with.

Tons of lessons on Youtube.
Hammer on with your fingers harder.

The harder you hammer on/pull off, the louder your tapping will be.
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Bridge pickup?
use distortion,or crank the volume
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There's tapping in the 1st solo? I thought it was only the 2nd and final ones... meh.

Anyhow, strat0blaster speaks truth- the harder you hit the notes, the louder it is. Also, a flicking off motion (like with pulloffs) helps to keep the volume up.

But pretty much, it's just getting used to fretting with the right (or left if you're playing left-handed) hand. Practice tapping, holding, then flicking off the note.
I was tought that when tapping, left or right hand, you need to really push through the neck as if your trying to punch a hole through it with your finger. Keep practising and it soon becomes second nature
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crit4crit on 'acoustic 1 (with piano)' here

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