Hey guys,
I still have all my money from my birthday and christmas so ive decided to spend it on some more gear for myself with the issue of not really knowing what to get :/.

Currently i have:
- BC Rich AMG assassin
- some warlock copy
- strat copy
- Boss MT - 2 (Dont complain, i get my tone from it )
- Dunlop Crybaby GCB-95
- Cruiser amp
- Laney L50SC

I play genres of music ranging from Nine Inch Nails to Radiohead and back to Tool so mainly those in the rock genre
£600+ to spend (may be able to get a bit extra from savings or from selling my unused multi fx pedals)

Thanks in advance
I think you should put that cash in a box, use some of it for postage, and send it to me.

If you're looking at BC Rich, go check out ESP. I find they're way better - it's preference though.

With that kinda money, though, you could get a tracking program or a standalone 4 track to record on. That's how I would spend it.
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dont get a dean razorback of any shape ir variety

i made the mistake and i am (literally) living with it

if i were you id get a bc rich NT. . . one of the new ones with emgs and OFR. . . look cool to me anyway
PRS SE custom Cherryburst
dean razorback V (green/black) currently on ebay
Digitech Death metal pedal [wanting to sell - £15]
Zoom G1X [wanting to sell - £25]
Line6 UX1 (with metal shop add on)