the clanky sound from that song is not the tone or bass he's tapping..that's what's making those sounds..however if you want to get some kind of clanky noise out of your bass slap some new strings on and lower the action
I find that everyone who gets that tone is using EMG soapbars.
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Straighten your neck, lower your action, use shit technique, boost the ~2kHz area, and prepare for sound engineers and the rest of your band to hate you. Also, active basses with their 8-10kHz treble cranked "help" as well.
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The majority of that comes from him tapping.
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I find that everyone who gets that tone is using EMG soapbars.


*messes with Schecter*

oh good Lord, what is this awful racket that doth disgrace my amplifier?

in other words, yes, EMG's do it.

boost highs, 2:00 PM

mids, 10:00 AM

lows, 12:15 PM

play really hard; 'dig in' as the kids call it, turn any tone knobs or treble knobs on your bass UP!!!!! play within a handspan of the bridge.
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