Picked up a used MXR Phase 45 and a Proco Rat, today.

I needed a slightly more subtle phaser than my Small Stone. This one seems to do the trick. I like it, but I'm gonna see what I can trade for it. If nothing, oh well.

Picked up the Rat 2. I've always wanted one. I figured that I would pick up this one then try and get an older one and compare.

Gonna go mess around with them, some more. I'll post some more a little bit later.

Anyone know how to date MXR pedals? Besides using the pots. The foam is stuck to the board. Removing the board, to see the pots, is gonna be pain.

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Phase 45? Never heard of those. What makes it different than a Phase 90? And how is the Rat2?
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uummmm, so when does your pedal budget run out?

Are you keeping all of these? How do you like the Phase 45 so far? Pretty rare no.

Yeah, I keep them all. I got a small, 5 pedal board up at my camp. A few "floaters" around the house too.

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Difference between the 45 and 90. I don't know all of them. I'm not that familiar with MXR pedals. I find that the 45 is more subtle. I can get a really good vibe, with the speed knob at 3/4 to max. I thinks its really good.

I haven't spent much time with the Rat 2 yet. I'll post more, about it, later. It does remind me of my Fat Sandwich. Which is always a good thing.
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