Hey wrote this today, I would LOVE to know what you think of it all lyrics, song and such. C4C bein sur!
Kids So Cruel.zip
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Dude this is a sweat song. I'd love to hear it actually played instead of guitar pro. did you write the lyrics? there sick!
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Yeah I wrote it all all in the space of about 2 hours. It's amazing cos you know you spend 10 hours on a pretty ****ty song and then spend nothing on something your really proud on. We're getting some studio time soon so hopefull be able to record it. I'll send you a copy when we do
Seems like a real fun song. Reminds a bit of the cure, and maybe a little bit of say anything. I think the chorus should have power chords as the rhythm to make the chorus stand out more and be recognised as a chorus. also, a fun solo would definatly fit right in there. the melody is simple and catchy and the lyrics are pretty good for this style of music.


Really cool song! The main riff at the start is very catchy. The vocal part sounds familiar, although I have no idea why. Probably just me xD Lyrics are cool too. As said before powerchords in the rhythm part in the chorus would help to make the chorus sound fuller. It's really catchy and fun, which is of course the whole point of pop-punk! Really good job man.

C4C this? http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=0gNy-9WglZQ
Completely different genre, but hey.
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same thing as said about power chords.

what you should do is play the full barred chord. that would make it sound full and still have the high strings sound

just a suggestion

the lyrics are awesome, the melody is really catchy

which is good in pop punk

you should tab out the solo

I enjoy this very much. It's generic pop punk, but I think the lyrics pull the music out of potential mediocrity. Some of the riffs are very good.
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its very good but i would say maybe the drums need a bit more work? a few fills here and there and more cymbals in the chorus. and definitely power chords in the chorus like those guys said, maybe an extra guitar track for them?
but overall i liked it, the main riff is really cool.
reminds me of the offspring a lil bit. And yeah, I agree on the need of powerchords.

still, a damn solid song 8,5/10
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Thanks guys I'm really glad you all think its in the high end of the spectrum. I added power chords but as far as tabbing the solo...I'm really bad at solos. I was thinkin a solo kinda like Dead! by MCR if you know what that sounds like. Any ideas or tips as to how to achieve this? Reallllllly Appriciate it.