Poll: Which amp is better for versatility?
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View poll results: Which amp is better for versatility?
Laney Amps
1 6%
Peavy Amps
4 25%
Orange Amps
4 25%
Marshall Amps
2 13%
Other (PLease post the sugestion)
5 31%
Voters: 16.
im looking for an amp with versatility being the most important aspect. tube being second most important, and the bang for your buck being the third. for the sake of argument i dont want to specify price limit or a style as i dont want price to be an extreme factor and i want it to be good for a lot of tones.

so this poll is to tell me what you think. if reliability is an issuse dont suggest it cuz this amp will be giged.
That list is probably the least versatile or most non-amazing amps.

Orange can make amazing amps - they are not versatile.
then what do you suggest? i thought the cleans and distortions on a peavy JSX were both really good. i could also thell a difference in the crunch. im new to tubes so i more or less clueless to what would be versatile and what not. ive seen a vetta SS and thats pretty much the most versatile SS amp but what baout tubes?
1. doesnt matter
2. i want it to be versatile for many types of music, but majority ac/dc and guns&roses rock sound
3. band practice, small gigs
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H&K triamp mKII
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are the two best sounding mega versatile amps. I haven't played the engl SE though.

The marshall 6100 and JVM are pretty versatile, but the JVM sounds incredibly lifeless.
The Mesa roadking is pretty versatile as well and sound better than the marshalls.

The JSX is also pretty versatile, but it sounds pretty meh in my opinion.

honestly the best sounding amps are the ones that are one trick ponies.
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