so im planning on getting a Patriot Limited (burled bubinga, *slobber*) but has anyone had any extensive experiences with them? Like are they actually as good as they look, or are they too good to be true?
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I tried out a Patriot in a guitar shop a while back. Loved it, the finish was great. Are those the ones with the EMG 81/ 85's?

EDIT: The stupid **** that worked there insisted I played it through a Spider so, I can't really make any recommendations tone wise.
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I lpayed my teacher;s one and it seemed quite good. he is endorsed by them actually, and given that he plays every style, and is a studio musician, I would imagine they are pretty versatile too. Sorry i couldn't be of more help.
yes they are!!! i've played about 7 different michael kelly's, it really is awesome. i got the valor mainly because i liked the shape a little more. the bubinga looked really good on the one i played.
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^agreed. michael kelly makes GREAT guitars. i enjoyed playing the patriot when i did, very comfortable guitars.
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do not go on guitar forums

there are drugs there

( and ololol there are )
I love that string thru design there. Love that guitar.

I own an MK Patriot Q myself, it's definitely a very nice guitar. MKs are good stuff.
YESH THEY ARE, patriots are sex, straight outta a box lol.

Almost all (by not saying all) the patriots go coil taps too and you can get a HUGE variety of sounds from them. I'm even planning of getting one after i get my dream amp lol.
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