Wind licked our faces like a billion lizard tongues,
Little stinging needles, and the grey clouds obscuring the moon
Beat their war drums in the distance.
Little invisible monsters scurry across the deck
Cackling like flightless, scheming crows.

Just standing there, you in my arms,
I wonder out loud why this is considered dancing.
Not that I'm complaining.

I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful picture
Than the two of us against forty-degree, silhouetted cityscape
Flecked with neon. A bridges passes overhead,
Looming colossal. Loud noises. Mostly laughing.

The demons aren't smiling anymore...
We kick the little bastards into the river.
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i like how this alternates between the surreal and real. on the other hand, some people might find that the division of the two parts of the piece until the end is distracting and confusing.
i do like the image of a billion lizard tongues.
you used grey twice
again, the main problem was the sudden jump from one image to another.
This is good, but I honestly didnt like it that much I guess, like Hesh said, it was the jump from surreal to real that threw me off if you dont mind criting mine the link is in the sig, and if you dont mind criting Lights of Heaven I would appericate it