I have my Avatar 2x12 with v30s coming in soon and from the last time i made an amp thread is was pretty much set on getting the Carvin V3. But before i go ahead and buy one i am asking GGA once again if i am missing anything.

A few reason i was looking at the V3 that i really want in my amp.

At least 2 footswitchable channels, i really liked having 2 distortion and a clean channel on the V3
Independent EQ on each channel
Can do metal but doesnt have to (want versatility)
Effects loop footswitchable

the carvin has all of these things which i loved for the sheer versatility

something that the carvin doesnt have is reverb.
if you like the sound and it seems like a fit get it. and reverb is nothing to worry about, a holy grail provides great reverb for a pretty dam low price. so theres nothing to worry about on that front.
that looks good, and ive heard great things from the mark series but i read that when switching from channels you often have a big volume drop because they share the volume knobs.