I have a Marshall AVT150H 150W head and the cabinet that goes with it i purchased it used with a few sratches on the back, etc. but all in all in one piece for $400 two years ago.

I couldn't take it to college with me cause its too big, so i left it at a friends house.

Today when I mentioned selling it to buy a smaller combo he offered $200 for it. Since it's still in his basement and I havent taken it to a dealer yet i dont know the actual value of the amp.

Does $200 seem fair

I dont want to get a bad deal and I also dont want to rip off my friend.

I just sold my AVT50X combo for $200 the other day. You could probably get a little more.
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i sold my 1X12 100 watt combo for 250, and i probably could've gone for 300. I'd say 200 is a little low.

That is of course, unless this person is smart and knows what the AVT sounds like...

then again, if he knew what the AVT sounded like he wouldn't be buying it would he?
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so you fellas are suggesting that i can get $350-$400 for an amp that has already had two owners (the man before me, and then me) and is pretty worn (not that it has any serious damage but its got 2 owners worth of wear on the thing so yeah its a bit scratch and dent).

I know i am asking the same thing over again but seriously you all think i can get practically 80-100% of the money I spent on the amp back!?
aim for $300 ish if you can, I know you don't want to push it but at te same time it means you've lost less money.
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