i have a Gibson SG and Im trying just to get the best sound possible out of it the bridge pickup is usually pretty high because i guess its an SG thing but i want to get my pickups just a good height so i can get a half somewhat decent sound out of my ****ty Crate

i know im not very good at this **** i play guitar i dont make them haha
so help a dooshebag out and send some suggestions my way!
....what kinda crate? i play an SG through a crate and its the most bitchitn sound ever. this 300dollar amp was chosen over many other crappy amps when i performed with heart. i say just bring the bridge pickup as close as you can withut touchin string and without intiating string buzz . maybe swap bridge pickups?
oh an RFX15 the distortion channel is pretty sick but the rest is decent... it was a good begginers amp im saving up for a spider tho
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Move them around and see what you like. Adjusting pickups isnt an irreversible action.


Good pickup height is very subjective and everybody wants something different. I tend to put the pickups as high as I can and not get weird buzzy noise or feedback when I play the highest fret but I like my tone to be quite bright. If you want a warmer sound then you have to move the pickups further away.
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An SG has pickups positioned at open harmonics. Did you know that? The higher you have a pickup, the more sound you get but its too easy to lose tone if you overdo it.
Just a side note, I had one guitar with magnets so strong they actually pulled the strings out of tune and sometimes when playing high up the neck, would cause a string to stay attached to the pickup. Nasty! So don't be fooled into buying a 'vintage' Hofner Galaxy!