Yay or nay?

This seems to be the place they'd be, and yet they have no thread.

Personally I enjoy them, but I must admit I find their music a bit hit and miss. Some songs are absolutely legendary, others are god awful.

god of thunder is their only song worth listening to imo
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Kiss lost it, (for the most part), when Ace left/fired/whatever. He (Ace) inspired a lot of guitar players, and it is too bad he never got the credit he deserves. He has a new cd coming out soon...hopefully it will be good.
KISS are great!
Ace Frehley was the driving power of kiss IMO.
I agree with blood_and_gold when he says they are a bit hit and miss. Songs such as Love Gun, Strutter, Duece, God Of Thunder, Crazy Crazy Nights etc. are all ones that we would admit were great but they deliver some rubbish ones also.
However, they are definitely a revolutionary band of the Glam Rock scene.
Kiss is ok. I havne't taken the time to really lisetn to them.
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