Hey guys. So, on my bass amp I have inputs for both passive and active basses. Now I've recently discovered that I prefer the tone from running my active bass through the passive input, so my question is, could this be damaging to my amp?
I have my amp turned up a bit passed halfway so I'm not pushing the speakers too hard.

Hmm, just had a thought, as there are two inputs could I have a second bass playing at the same time?
two through like that is bad. if you have two separate channels all together, then i think your fine.
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I wouldn't put two through, could blast it out.
The active input should be just a turned down passive output, so aslong as you don't boost everything and put it past 8 volume you should be fine.

The input/tone in the active should sound the same, if you just turn up the amp, just guessing.

I had to turn down my amp when I ran my bass through the passive input, which is what I expected, however I find that I have more punchyness when doing it this way, which I didn't expect.

Another way of explaining it is, when I run through the active input I get a thinner sound than when I run it through the passive input. It’s not a volume difference either because I have adjusted for that.

Hmm. Anyway, sounds like it’s not a problem for my amp so I’ll keep doing it.

Perhaps it sounds better because I don’t have the amp turned up as far, which means not working the speakers as hard?
I dunno, I’m not too cluey when it comes to amps.
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