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I have an opportunity to purchase a new Seagull 25th Ann Flame Maple for $460 USD

I have to decide by tomorow, opinions?
I have one. It's well built guitar. Only buy it if you like the tone though. It can get excessively bright. The price is good too. It was $600CAN before the recession, which was equal to the USD at the time.
- Art & Lutherie Cedar CW (SOLD! )
- Martin D-16RGT w/ LR Baggs M1 Active Soundhole Pickup
- Seagull 25th Anniversary Flame Maple w/ LR Baggs Micro EQ

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Your the only one who can make that decision.
'member The Pit of 10'? oH, I 'member!

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Seagulls are great guitars. Even though this is the flamed maple version, which is laminate, instead of the solid mahogany, these really are great guitars.

Conversely speaking, if you can get the 25th anniversary edition with the solid mahogany back and sides for the same price, go with that one.
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