Okay, I've been playing guitar for almost four years now, and I am starting to get pissed at string breakage. I've used every brand, every type, and every size, and yet I still break strings on a regular basis(Anywhere from day 1 to day 30). I've used different bridges, and different nuts. I've even had strings that were detuned down about 6 semitones snap. The only thing I have not tried is lubricating. Does anyone know of any reason for strings to do this. Oh, and I never use whammy bars.
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Nope, I really changed parts out not due to string breakage but because I wanted to try different combos. Noticing my strings break randomly was just something that I kinda just started paying attention to.
Easily the second best guitarist from Oklahoma City
I use D'Addario Regular Lights and haven't had a problem. I stretch mine out before and during a string change. I've also heard that bridges can cause some string snappage if there's like little chips in it or something. Or maybe you just play fast and heavy and the strings can't keep up with ya! lol
Im thinking that possibly your playing to hard and the strings cant take it.
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sounds to me maybe your strings are to tight. if you use 10s go to 9s i use 9-46. and i dont really have that problem also i find ernie ball superslinkys dont break as easy. u might need to get your guitar set up and adjusted..your neck and everything set up. so the strings are so tight if you keep switching gauges going to the same tuning that cant be good for your guitar neck..so get it set up to whatever gauge u wanna play on and leave it at that...

also dont bend the strings so much lol...

another reason is maybe when you put the strings on u some how put a kink in it or something that would cause it to break dont bend it keep it straight when your putting the strings on your guitar...

dont wear razors knifes or any sort while your playing..keep out of reach of children and use a dull pick..that should do it
Where does it break? If it always breaksin the same place then you have a problem with your guitar, not your strings. If you have a well made guitar and you pre stretch the string and make sure there are no kinks in it when you put it in then they should last for over a year (not that you should leave it that long before changing them).

If you have a floyd then string breakage is just an ocupational hazard