So today i got my first tube amp (Traynor YCV40) which im really diggin'. I love this thing it suits my needs perfectly. Anyways i was going through the manual and this is what i found, and i quote,

"THis amplifier features Yorkville's autobalancing/auto-matchmaking tube biasing technology. As a result, when the time comes to replace the tubes in your Yorkville amplifier, there is no need to pay a premium for a matched set - nor does the bias need to be adjusted when you use a different brand.....with autobalancing, you are free to experiment without any need for concern that the amplifier or tubes will be distressed. Please not this cannot fully compensate for different types of tubes -6L6 vs. EL34"

I saw this and thought, wow this is gonna be nice and easy then when it comes to replacements. One question though, how trustworthy is this kind of technology anyways? Should i check it anyways when i change tubes for rebiasing? Thanks UG
seems like it would be fine as long as you stay with the same type of tubes. If you have EL34's, (which I think are in the ycv40) then just stay with em, and you should be fine.
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actually theyve got 6L6's in them, but thanks for the input, i figured theyd probably be alright just wanted a little bit of reassurance