I have a Marshall AVT150H 150W head and the cabinet that goes with it i purchased it used with a few sratches on the back, etc. but all in all in one piece for $400 two years ago.

I couldn't take it to college with me cause its too big, so i left it at a friends house.

Today when I mentioned selling it to buy a smaller combo he offered $200 for it. Since it's still in his basement and I havent taken it to a dealer yet i dont know the actual value of the amp.

Does $200 seem fair

I dont want to get a bad deal and I also dont want to rip off my friend.

yea, the second you have something and use it, its pretty much kosher if you want to sell it that it be half price. if it still sounds great, do it. it sounds like a good deal for both of you.

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Yeah i guess that sounds about right huh cause i bought it used in fair condition $400 for what ebay is selling for $800-900 which is halfish considering The guitarstore guy always cuts me sweet deals for some reason and then it will go to my friend for half my cost which will be good since i will be passing on that same deal to my buddy

Thanks a bunch