I am supposed to be playing in a band for a musical at my school, which calls for both clean and distorted sounds, along with a few wah parts. Right now, I own a Digitech RP80 (which I don't really like at all, but that's not the point), and I can play through either a Line 6 Spider II 75 (I think?) and a Peavey Bandit 112. The Bandit has an effects loop and a footswitch, while the Line 6 doesn't have either. I need to figure out a way to get access to a wah pedal as well as the ability to change between distortion and clean channels, with the gear that I have, as I don't really have much money to buy more/different gear. I don't particularly want to buy a wah pedal, as I would hardly ever use one besides for this gig. Generally, I am trying to avoid using the distortion tones within the RP80, as they are pretty crappy, I think the amp tones are decently better.

Any ideas on how I can set this up? There may or may not be an obvious answer, but I really don't know too much about effects and stuff. Please help!!

I'm thinking maybe an A/B switch, that way you can have one amp on clean and one on drive. Then put the wah before the A/B?

Depends when you need the wah though. (i'm assuming your rp80 has one).
thanks for the reply
ya mine has a wah pedal, so i think i might try messing around with the bandit's footswitch and use it for the gig and use the line 6 just for rehearsals (i can't really bring my Bandit in that much because of transportation issues...) if I use the lead channel on the amp for distortion and then just switch to the clean channel to use the pedal, would that work?
Yes that would work I think but it will be challenging in a live situation. But if you going to use the lead channel on amp for amp distortion then what is the pedal going to do?


footswitch - to clean
RP - tap once to take off bypass and hopefully land on your preset
RP - press both pedals and hold to go back to bypass
footswitch - to lead channel

hahahah ya i get what you're saying that would be way to complicated

The only thing I really need the pedal for is for the wah pedal, otherwise I have everything I need with the amp and footswitch, maybe I should rent a wah pedal for like a month before (and during the gig)?