I currently have a peavy classic 30 and use a metal core pedal. I have been shopping for a few weeks and am more confused then ever. I have been leaning towards the line6 borgner 212 but in playing I have had a heck of a time getting volume without feedback. My other thought is the hot rod. I play mostly rock ie foo fighters, STP, some one off 90's alt. Any advice would be appriciated.
the fender hot rod deluxe isn't too versatile and there is no such thing as playing clean with this amp...although i do find the distortion very expressive, a good contrast to triple rectifier gain soaked distortion. a own one. and if anyone tries to tell you that the spider valve 212 is a bad amp then they are either lying or have never played one. that is a great sounding amp right there
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Fender have a crappy amp (Frontman) and no one completely shuts them down as a company.

the line 6 bogner isnt that great, theres much better amps in the price range, both modeling and non-modeling. i dont get why you use a crappy distortion pedal, try and find a good sound on the amp's OD channel.

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