I think i might do a trade in at guitar center, but i need an non-exaggerated price that you think would be accurate.

I have a Digitech GNX-2 Pedal with the power supply which i bought from them. The power supply was $40 and the pedal was around $300 if i can remember. So what is the total there.

I also have a Badmonkey that is in mint condition, no scratches, i even still have the box, what do you think i can get for that? I actually just bought it from them but i do not have the receipt so i probably wouldn't be able to take it back.

In total, im looking for atleast $150 if possible. Thanks for the estimate!
you probably won't get that much money for those things if you trade in....probably somewhere near 100-110 if even that...i tell you man it's a scam haha. you should sell your pedals to someone that way you'll make more money
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If you gave them your name and address when you bought the badmonkey they should have a copy of the receipt on their 'puters.
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