I can never find any good podcasts unfortunately. And I'm sure many people would like to find some good ones as well. So I figured I'd make this thread instead of just being lame and asking for some 'casts without contributing at least a BIT.

So, here you can search/suggest podcasts.

For example, I'm looking for two types of podcasts.

First, I want a podcast about music and bands. You know what I mean? One of those podcasts where they just talk about great bands the whole damn time. It's great.

My Interests- Mayday Parade, Chiodos, Cinematic Sunrise, Pierce the Veil, etc. etc.

Bands like that.

And the other one, is that I love stand up comedians. My two favorites are Daniel Tosh and Demetri Martin.

So anything with stand up comedians.

So let's get started

Someone could suggest podcasts for me, or ask for some, etc. etc. You get it.
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