I'm feeling pretty sick. This stinks cause I wass spossed to go snowboarding tomorrow. How do I avoid getting sicker overnight? I'm afraid to go to bed early cause that sometimes makes it worse. what shoud I do?
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But snowboarding sucks when your sick. (just like anything else) what should I do to not be sick?
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suck it up and don't pass up a good boarding day?
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there is not much you can do except sleep drink OJ and quit complaining. when your sick your sick, have you tried using a mega-elixir
i lick random stuff thinking it will boost my immune system...

Other than that if you are okay enough to move and aren't throwing up or have a fever when just take some meds and see how you feel after that.. not too much tho.
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drink ****loads of water and piss every time you feel even the slightest urge.


and excercise.
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Just relax drink plenty of water and make some toast. That helps me.
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If anything, sleeping will definitely help you. Some parts of the immune system work ONLY when the body is resting/sleeping. The only reason u feel "sick" when u wake up is cuz it's actually working.

If ur currently feeling sick, take some vitamin C, stay warm, and get a good night's sleep. I stress staying warm. Besides that, u can't rlly EXTRACT w/e is wrong with u, so good luck
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use a nettey-pot
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You shouldn't be running or exerting too much energy if you're sick

Go snowboarding anyway, can't be too bad.
how are u sick? puking, fever, chills?
Symptoms man,Symptoms!!!
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Sleep definitely helps. Drink plenty of water or orange juice, and above all stay warm!

I doubt you'll feel 100% tomorrow but if you rest really good you'll probably feel alright, enough to get out and do something anyway. Just make sure you keep warm and well hydrated if you do get out there, else you'll be sick again.
Symptoms? well, I just feel groggy and achey. I'm not 100% sick yet but i feel it coming on.
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Water, Orange juice, and sleep, get off the computer and into bed.
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Water, humidifier, juice, soup, cold/cough medicine, throat lozenges, vix vapor rub.

The list is pretty endless.
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