Should i go to some sort of acting school after high school? I'd like to make a career out of acting, but it doesn't seem like a realistic job, or one where i can get work.
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You probably won't become Will Smith or anything, but you can definitely find work as an actor if you really want to be one. Commercials and theater/plays are your friends.

Good points.

And I see you haven't crossed anything off your list in a while, mrcrono
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The only thing worse then theatre kids is theatre kids at an acting school who think they can act

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You don't need to be in a million-dollar international movie to make a career out of acting.

As far as I know, there are tons of local job opportunities available, such as acting in theatres and stuff.

Best of luck.
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I imagine it would be difficult to find out who are really you're friends there, though.
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how good would ya say you are? and do u enjoy it?
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If you are good looking, you can start on a daytime soap opera.
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A better start would be getting used to a life of near poverty and blowing middle aged men.

Unless that's your life already. If it is you don't need acting school!

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how good would ya say you are? and do u enjoy it?

I love acting. I'd say Im good, done some lead roles in a few plays.