just looking for some songs to push me to get better. i can play some pretty good stuff already. i know barre chords can finger pick string skip all that jazz. i play mostly jack johnson, some slightly stoopid, and classic rock acoustic stuff like zep, and floyd. just curious as to what songs you guys/girls know that you feel are challenging and help you get better. the last song i found like this way closer to the sun by slightly stoopid. i still havent figured out the fast part in the intro though.
dave matthews might.. just.. be.. god..

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yes, pointing it at your head will send the sound towards your head.

it's the same with guns too, before you go testing that one.
Have you done any Antoine Dufour, Andy McKee, or Justin King stuff? That stuff is normally fairly challenging.
haha challenging? more like crazy haha. i havent looked at any tabs for it but it looks crazy hard. esp andy dalfour. i just listened to reality. absolutley blew my mind
dave matthews might.. just.. be.. god..

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yes, pointing it at your head will send the sound towards your head.

it's the same with guns too, before you go testing that one.
Alot of their stuff is really challenging, but alot of it is actually easier than it seems (not all of it though). Are you comfortable with changing tunings, and can you do tapping, or are ready to learn? Because "Drifting" by Andy McKee takes time to learn, but it is not nearly as hard as it seems, and is really impressive to show to other people, and most importantly, is extremely fun to play. This will truly force you to get better, but if you have a drive to learn it, "Drifting" can become a really good piece in your repertoire.

Just a suggestion though.
Well Eric Clapton's Unplugged album is great. It obviously is all acoustic guitar, and alot of the songs are worth learning, to entertain and work on technique.

I also like Dire Straits; they have some acoustic songs eg. Romeo and Juliet
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Tommy Emmanuel is the obvious way to go if you are looking for more advanced songs, also really helps with learning how to play over a running bass line.
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The Robin - Tommy Emmanuel

That is probably one of the greatest acoustic songs i've ever heard in my life.

possibly THEEE greatest acoustic song i've ever heard in my life.
annihilation - crystal ann

have fun!
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its old, good, but old lol
Andy McKee , Don Ross, Tommy Emmanuel, Antione Dafur (Spelling's wrong there, but meh)...

Also I think Steve Vai did a song on acoustic at some point? I can't think of anything electric by him that isn't pretty challenging, so it follows that the acoustic stuff'll be equally fun.
A lot of the classical pieces are quite challenging, I like to do Asturias by Isaac Albeniz as a warm-up when I have a classical guitar in my hands.
masaaki kishibe... his songs are soo beautiful.

tunning is mostly dagdad and daf#dad
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Rod and Gab's stuff. Rodrigo's stuff is more shred-like (Sweep pick Arpeggios, tapping, etc) And Gabriela's stuff is more rhythm oriented (flamenco) Pick your choice
If you liked Closer to the Sun try:

Zeplike by Slightly Stoopid


Fat Spliffs by Slightly Stoopid


Boot by Pepper

And, diverging from the reggae-influenced music, Stream, Betrayal, and You Are my Sanity, are three challenging songs by Time Reynolds. You can listen to them from Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds Live from Luther College and Live from Radio City Music Hall.
Angeles by Elliott Smith - might be his most challenging song. intense finger picking. a lot of his songs are fun to play, another good one is Southern Belle.

On his studio cuts he usually layers 2 or 3 guitars, so i often find it fun/challenging/enriching to try to arrange it all on one guitar. helps you work on your chord/melody technique a lot.
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Learn "For My Father" or "All Laid Back and Stuff" by Andy Mckee, they're not exactly easy, but they're easier than a lot of his other songs, and a ton of fun to play, IMO.
John Mayer - Neon
Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody (Edgar Cruz classical arrangement, also the other 4 covers on his DVD which are not as difficult as BR, but wild enough)
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