Poll: Is this a meshuggah ripoff?
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Yes it sounds like Meshuggah, do not continue
2 15%
Yes it sounds like Meshuggah, but record sometime anyway
3 23%
It isnt a ripoff, finish the thing!
3 23%
It isnt a ripoff but its complete crap
5 38%
Voters: 13.
ok ive already put something up today ( this ) but im on a roll now, ive done this since

basically ive listened to obZen 3 times today, so its been hard to escape those voices for long and i came up with this, its not finished yet but is a good 2 minutes worth, whether i finish and possibly end up recorded is up to the reviews :P

most of its just odd time wank but the clean section is in polymeter

thanks and C4C
meshuggah rip off.zip
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Hey, well ive never really listened to Meshuggah (haha correct me if i spelled it wrong). But anyway i loved the heaviness of the intro the odd time signatures. Once again, the drums were almost perfect. I think the clean section could have a little improvement, maybe just by adding another part, or shortening it up a bit. But thats just my opinion. As you said this is pretty short but i think this would turn really well into a full blown song. Oh and for some reason it wouldn't let me play the GP5 so i listened to it through the MIDI, so i cant give too detailed thoughts. :P But anyway, overall so far id give it an 8/10, could use some few tweaks but definitely stands strong.

But hey, I added another section to the ending of that song, if you have time, check it out and tell me how you like it? Thanks
The odd time signatures actually didnt clash too badly here, i like it. However i feel like its lacking something to add heaviness, but i havent listened to obZen myself so maybe thats just how that was.
it's no where near a meshuggah rip off, sounds more like textures to me. but the drums lacked rhythm and accentuation on the beat
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I would say that this definately sounds Meshuggah influenced, but I wouldn't call it a rip off.

I don't really know what to say to crit, it's ****ing techy and ****ing heavy, which is awesome. I love the clean bit, just as awesome. I would, however, say that that is about as far as you can take that riff and I personally would switch to something else where the tab ends.
Honestly, that's too boring to be a Meshuggah rip off.

The riffs lack the extra heaviness because the drums might as well be nonexistent. With Meshuggah, Tomas' accenting of every beat [in quarter notes, always] is consistent, and adds heaviness and precision. Here the drums are pointless.

This also lacks the almost jazz fusion take that Meshuggah has...

You might wanna scrap this. Or just not tell us its supposed to be a Meshuggah rip off.