Is this amp good enough to hold the Orange name? I need an amp, but now my budget is only $200. 30 watts seems good for small gigs right?

I play all kinds of rock, and all kinds of metal. I still like good clean sounds, some crunchy sounds, etc. I like the British voicing too. I know it can't play like, thrash metal right out of the box, but with a dist. pedal it shouldn't be a problem right?

I would be playing thru a PRS Custom 24 SE. Would this be a good Orange amp to start with?
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The Crush isn't too wonderful if you ask me. Look into a Roland Cube 30, Peavey Vypyr 30 or Vox VT30.
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I was also looking at the Cube, it seems it may match my tastes better.
My amp has great cleans, great crunchy rock sounds but lacks in metal.
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