So i was just chillin and decided to write a little, please give me opinons, advice
im only 14, just started writing

I'm Here
Why can't you tell?
I'm Here
you see through me, even though,
I'm Here

you go for others
exept me,
You look around,
I'm There

Because if you fall,
I'm here
and if you call,
I'm here

Life can be lonely,
without you,
you turn away,
But i want to be around you,

Because I hope you know,
I'm here,
But i hope you realize,
Im here,

I tell you to come,
but you run away,
Why do you avoid me,
I just want to help,

Because if you were queen,
I'm here,
But i would be you servent,
and you would know,
I'm Here
So yeah,
im male just tryin to get love songs down,
Feel free to Post
Thanks in advance
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imo, lyrics are only as good as the music they go with... these lyrics could be great or terrible depending on their delivery
idk, im kinda stuck, i want a soft song such as tears in heaven,
im not really working on a chorus, i really dont know what i would say,
i made that change about " but if you call " thanks it does sound better