I'm Here
Why can't you tell?
I'm Here
you see through me, even though,
I'm Here

you go for others
exept me,
You look around,
I'm There

Because if you fall,
I'm here
and if you call,
I'm here

Life can be lonely,
without you,
you turn away,
But i want to be around you,

Because I hope you know,
I'm here,
But i hope you realize,
Im here,

I tell you to come,
but you run away,
Why do you avoid me,
I just want to help,

Because if you were queen,
I'm here,
But i would be you servent,
and you would know,
I'm Here

I need critz
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moslty kind love, soft, kinda like tears in heaven, but i still have to put the music behind it
not bad, then.
just making sure it wasn't going to be metal or something
Hey, sounds good, I think it would fit nicely with an acoustic guitar backing. The repetition of "I'm here" gives it a nice effect.
🙈 🙉 🙊
Because if you were queen,
I'm here,
But i would be you servent,
and you would know,
I'm Here

error error error.

anyways im indifferent about this one.

i've never heard a song repeat itself so many times. Other than the song i wrote lol. Fact is it seems like me and my close friends are the only ones who like it lol xD

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It's nice, it'll be one of those songs like Hear You Me by Jimmy Eat World, the lyrics aren't massively long but with a bit of music played underneath, I think it'll make a very good song, I don't think the repitition is that bad. I like it because I can relate to it and that the lyrics aren't really complex, that's how a slow song should be, just a voice and a soft acoustic guitar, nice job, I enjoyed it, if you would be so kind to crit mine in my sig. I'll be very grateful! Thanks
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