I've decided to save up for an Ibanez RG2570Z, because I want a metal-oriented guitar with HSH and floating trem and the whole she-bang.

Anywhos! I decided that the 2570 (linky: http://www.ibanez.com/eg/guitar.aspx?m=RG2570Z) would work fine for this, but the only thing I dislike is how there are two of the same (DiMarzio) pickups.

So! Why are there two of the same, is there any difference in sound due to placement, and if I was to buy a new pick up, which position should I replace, and, obviously, what pickup should I get :P. Thank you!
those aren't real dimarzio pups in that guitar but there will be a change in sound due to placement, and the fact that the neck is probably of a lower output than the bridge. atleast try them before you decide you want to swap them out.
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