This is kind of rough, its not organized i just want to see what people think:

This is a exhibition only a display
I want to show you why this hurts so bad
Out a window I can only see, don’t touch! don’t touch!
Window shopping with a bleak appetite
Too extravagant not my style, too exquisite not my desire
Mangled chemical reactions
They need a serving
Swallow some rapture
Keeps me full for an hour
Loses taste for an hour
Dormant desire buy me some drugs
I’m to blame if that’s not your name
They breed only greed, they breed only greed
When well we be freed,
I refuse, I do not urge
I have melancholy greed
I have sadistic want
I have dismal appetite
It’s all on sale, you got bail?
He is a boy on a golden throne, wanting more
Guilty advocate, pities the poor
An allure he can’t ignore
For it is a flaw, human frailty, human weakness, human nature
A defect of emotions, the backbone of survival
Oh, look you’ve got a “**** me” dress