I've recently been offered a job as a guitar teacher and im pretty keen on taking job, i've taught alot of my mates to play guitar but wondered if any teachers out there had any advice on actually teaching as job
If youre teaching children, start showing them the different parts then go straight into fingering.

Seriously though, the younger they are, the more susceptible you are to having a headache as theyll find it harder than someone older to grasp everything your teaching. Ive taught 3 of my friends basic stuff and my moms friend's kid (hes like 8). Things get easier as you go along, but the first few weeks are killer
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Writing music is hard D:
Guitar chord charts are diagrams that help you locate your chords when playing on the guitar. There are many comprehensive guitar chord charts and they are easy to find as they are available for free on the Internet.

The use of guitar chord charts has many advantages. The charts are easy to understand as they are designed according to user's ability to play the guitar and cater for both beginners and professionals. They act as an alternative to the use of keyboards. In addition, guitar chord charts help the music industry to develop new music tunes as they guide musicians on how to understand the depth of various sounds. This understanding then helps in improving performance and reducing the time used to compile music.
Since the guitar chord charts have been judged by well-known guitarists, they can be relied on and can save time that could have been spent making inquiries. This also saves the money that could have been spent on tutorials. The charts are also appropriate teaching tools as all a musician needs is to find one that is in his or level to enable the playing of music.
Guitar chart cords also help in organizing teaching abilities because the player has the ability to choose the chord that they find appropriate. As the chords are regularly updated and readily available online, players can get the latest chords to help measure progress. These online guitar cords are appreciated by music enthusiasts. Music communities realize their usefulness in helping improve productivity.