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I hate that...actually I just hate anyone under the age of 16

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Just get it cut a little. It will grow back. Besides why is it so important to look metal? That's just retarded.

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Search google for falling sand game, there are forums/mods/downloads for way better ones.
The ones you guys use are horrible!!!

Here's the original falling sand/dust game/powder game/whatever you wanna call it:

It's the best, plus the maker always adds something to it like every 2-3 months. Enjoy! I used to play this game all the time. Major flashback...

Dude...I'm kicking and blowing the **** out of my little guys with the fireworks and fire! niiicee
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http://www.enigmasand.com/pyro2.html best site, has all of the games/variations
the jonas brothers are sooo
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